Avoid Gallbladder Surgery Singapore With These Seven Ways

The gallbladder is majorly used to store bile and help with digestion processes. It is closely connected to the liver. Any issues with the gallbladder can lead to issues with digestion and over a period of time can hamper other organs. Gallstones are the most common issues in the gallbladder. The stones may seem harmless but with time can be quite an issue, and you might have to undergo gallbladder surgery Singapore. However, there are ways to avoid surgery, and here we are going to take you through a few of them.

  • You can cure this issue with medication. There are several acidic pills that lead to thinning of the gallstones. You can use them and eventually cure the gallstones. The chemicals such as ursodiol, chenodiol and others can be taken orally and will eventually dissolve the bile and cure the gallstones. Of course, these are medications and like with everything else they may not be the best solution for you. It is possible that the medication didn’t work for you or, there were side effectives. It would be a good idea to consult a doctor before you consume these pills for gallstone removal Singapore
  • Shock waves are another way of breaking through the gallstones and curing them. you can use this method to dissolve the stones and eventually cure your body. This is more commonly used in removing the kidney stones but, you will notice that several companies are now using it for gallstone removal too. You will need to use this method only when you have solitary gallstones and that too ones with 2cm diameter
  • An injection is another way to avoid the surgery completely. You can go with the MTBE injection which promises to dissolve the gallstones and avoid surgery. However, as a side effect, you might experience some burning sensation along the region for a while. It can even increase in case you are unable to tolerate the dosage of the injection. In case the injection has not been administered properly, you might face a lot of issues. So, before you avoid gallbladder surgery Singapore, consult the doctor about this injection and make sure to take it from a reliable source
  • With endoscopic drainage, you can take the usual route of the bile from gallbladder to the small intestine. In this case, you will be accessing the cystic duct with a camera and you will be able to understand the issues along the normal route. It is an excellent way to restore the normal functions of the gallbladder without going through surgery. It also helps resume the normal functions of the bile

There are plenty of other options that you can choose from, including transmural drainage, which is saved for serious issues. It is important that you know a good gallstone removal Singapore doctor who will be able to guide you through the pros and cons of every method. They can help you identify the best way to remove these stones and lead a healthy life. Look for someone that has the right credentials, can work in the right way and offer the right solutions.