Top Camping Spots In South Australia

If you love spending your weekends outdoors, then these camping spots in South Australia might excite you. Let’s take you through some of the spots where you can park your campervan rental Adelaide and enjoy some good weather and holiday time. All these places are great for the weekend or your holidays. The plus point of these spots being they are hardly a few hours drive from your Adelaide. So, shall we get started with the list?

  1. Perlubie Beach

If you want to wake up to long stretches of sand and unending blue sky, then you should sign up for this camping location. Located on the beach, this is one of the magical spots located in the South Australia. You can go kayaking or boating to explore the waters in the early hours of morning. Sipping some coffee along the beachside or simply enjoying the barbecue in the evening also sounds like a good idea. The setting of sun at this campground is indeed a good sight. This place is fully setup with clean toilets and other facilities, which make up for a good stay.

  1. Wilpena Pound

If you are planning to ride your motorhome hire Adelaide into a camping spot, we believe Wilpena Pound is a definite steal. It is located along the hills surrounding the naturally created amphitheatre, and this makes the place incredible. You can setup your camp anywhere, and you will see beauty into the distance. Sipping a cup of coffee while sitting on the ridge and watching the sun rise or set is indeed a pleasant sight. If you want, you can visit the scenic nearby places by taking flights from the airstrip and enjoy the other pleasant sights. Your campervan rental Adelaide can stay parked in Wilpena Pound.

  1. Cable Bay Ground

This is a 3 and half hour drive from Adelaide, and a pleasant spot to setup your camping trip. It is located along the southern tip of York Peninsula. It is surrounded by beautiful beaches, which is what makes this spot so comfortable for all your camping requirements. Spend the day while walking along the beach side, take a hike or simply sit on the beach side building your sand castle. There are plenty of things you can do in here.

There are plenty of towns located nearby that you can explore while you are at it. lastly, you can also go surfing in these waters.

  1. Ocean Beach

This camping spot is located along Coorong National Park, and happens to be a camper’s favorite spot. It is quiet everywhere along the national park and it carries some of the best spots to explore. There are few places where you can setup. You should ideally go in your motorhome hire Adelaide along with camping gear if you want to explore this site.