Why You Should Visit The Lakeside Of The Great Smoky Mountains

Have you just planned a road trip to Great Smoky Mountains? Searched for hotels near Great Smoky Mountains, and booked the right one too? Here’s something that you should do while in the Smokies- visit the Jefferson County TN, along the lakeside of the Smoky Mountains. Let’s dive into the reasons for doing so, and you will realize you don’t want to miss out on this amazing view.

  1. While you are on a road trip, you want to enjoy every bit of it. The fresh air near the lakes in the Smokies is a great getaway for anyone who wants fresh air and would love to take some in. There are camps and kayaks that you can enjoy in here. It is one of the best places for someone who loves outdoors. You should not miss this out while on a roadtrip to the Smoky Mountains.
  2. Apart from offering fresh air and some interesting sceneries, it also ensures you are safe. You are practically socially distant from people here. So, you are safe and secure within this town. While you are closer to nature, you are away from getting any kind of health issues.
  3. One of the most important reasons to book hotels near Downtown Knoxville TN and visit the lakeside is the views. You won’t get phenomenal views anywhere else in the world. You will notice that this place is surrounded by greenery and scenery that is visually impressive. From the sunrise to the sunset, everything has an appeal here. The farmlands here are also impressive and a part of your must-visit checklist. If you want to take in some fresh air and want to pile up some memories, visit to the lakeside is a good opportunity
  4. There are two famous lakes that people vouch by, along Smoky Mountains- the Douglas Lake and the Cherokee Lake. They are known for fishing and also play host to several fishing tournaments across the year. You also get to be a part of various water recreation activities here. You get to participate in boating, swimming and stand up paddle boating too.
  5. If you love historic views and landscapes, then that is one of the biggest reasons to book hotels near Great Smoky Mountains. The historic downtown Dandridge is another reason to fall in love with the lakeside. The self guided walk tour should be atop your list of activities in this place. You will get to see the expansive list of sites and buildings that were created in this place from the past. You can eat some of the best things in here while exploring
  6. The Glenmore Mansion in the Jefferson City is also a few minutes away from the lakeside and should be on the list. Your roadtrip will be fulfilling when you visit this place that has existed 152 years into history. You will see some of the oldest homes that were built here and how they looked. What kind of engineering went into creating these homes? It is a splendid visit indeed.

To ensure a good travel and leisurely vacation, make sure to book hotels near Downtown Knoxville TN.